Treating Psychologist

My practice as a counselling psychologist consists of services to individual adults and couples, with a specialty in providing psychological therapy to those who have been in motor-vehicle and work-related accidents, or who, on psychological grounds, are no longer able to work. I therefore have primarily worked as a rehabilitation psychology.  Among those who meet with me, there is a wide range of presenting problems, but most are suffering chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and posttraumatic stress symptoms. Lawyers involved sometimes ask me to write an extensive report regarding the psychological condition, diagnosis, dysfunction, and prognosis of our mutual client.

Clients come to my primary office at 2 Carlton Street, at the College Station on the Yonge subway line. Since 2012, Debbie Murray has been my office manager.  We have had a series of admin assistants to help with the record keeping, billing, accounts, and numerous other tasks involved in operating a private practice. Since September of 2020 that person has been Janelle Villamayor.

At the Toronto office, I have subletted from Christian Counselling Services and am also on staff part-time. As such, I work alongside several other staff members, who are now registered psychotherapists.  We have an internship program in which students in a masters program provide counselling to clients who cannot afford regular rates.

I necessarily went on medical leave in June of 2022, and had to close my private practice. However, I started to resume in January, temporarily as part of Christian Counselling Services. Current clients are those who waited these several months for me to return. I have no plans to take new clients at this point, as I anticipate reducing my client hours per week until someday I have none. As was the case during during the pandemic, sessions occur fairly equally among video, phone, and the office. I regret that last June, I closed my longstanding branch office in Mississauga.

Regarding fees, I generally operate on a sliding scale.  Sometimes, therefore, I charge a standard rate for a psychologist in Ontario, that being $250 an hour. In some cases, however, I offer a reduced hourly rate depending on the ability of the patient to pay and whether or not they have access to insurance benefits. I do have a few clients on a pro bono basis.

April, 2023